Tuesday, July 22, 2008

UPA won Trust Vote by 19.

Litmus test, fire drill or trust vote - the government is 'nuked'. Congress is all geared up to show that Manmohan Singh is just not an economist but a seasoned politician. As quotable quotes fly from all sides of the parliament - today is the day India would know who is more politically correct. As the headline on Times of India rightly says, 'where's the party tonight?'
- Vote tally - for the govt - 275, against the govt - 256
- UPA ahead in count, voting in progress
- T Cong, MNF and 1 BJP MP abstaining from trust vote
- Lok Sabha MPs voting now
- First time ever money shown in Lok Sabha
- PM to reply to debate in LS shortly
- Abdul Rashid Shaheen says he will vote for the UPA
- Will quit public life is proved: Ahmed Patel
- For UPA: 272, Against: 265 and Undecided / Abstain: 4
- Hungama in Lok Sabha after it resumes
- PM should resign on moral grounds: Mayawati
- Nobody will be spared if found guilty: Somnath
- Speaker adjourns House due to unruly scenes
- Trust vote at 7: 15 pm
- Kishan Lal Diler admitted to hospital
- Amar Singh says
1) If there is any sting, please show it
2) I want to know if those MPs were on sale
3) Jaswant Singh approached me to topple UPA
4) Jaswant Singh tried to bribe me
- Trust vote after PM's reply at 6:30 pm
- This is a shameful day in our history: Prakash Karat
- Ashok Argal should be arrested: Mulayam
- CNN IBN to hand over tape to Speaker
- CNN IBN decides not to telecast tape
- CNN IBN has cash for vote tape
- All party meet begins in Speaker's chamber
- Sonia discussing strategy with Congress leaders
- Lok sabha adjourned till 6 pm.
- SP MP Virendra Bhatia: CBI enquiry has to be done
- Speaker Somnath Chatterjee calls for an all party meet in his chamber
- Baseless allegations by BJP: Lalu
- Government wanted proof so we gave it: BJP
- We demand that the matter be investigated properly: Advani
- This is corruption at the highest level: Advani
- 3 MPs allege bribe worth rupees 3 crore by SP. The three MPs are Faggan Singh Kulaste, Mahaveer Bhagora and Ashok Argal.
- I allowed them to bring money to Parliament: Advani
- Our MPs we offered 3 crore for abstention: Advani
- BJP MPs show money in House
- Harihara Swain and Archana Nayak deny they'll vote for UPA
- Sensex gains 300 points ahead of trust vote
- Dhindsa: We will vote against UPA
- 36.3 million farmers benefited from loan waivers: FM
- No govt did so much for farmers: FM
- Lalu speak
1) Left is good at creating confusion
2) I also have a wish to become PM but there is no hurry
3) CPM has ignored its old leaders
4) I congratulate PM and Sonia
5) I have good personal relations with Mayawati
6) Advani did not say one word against US in his speech
7) Only infrastructure development will ensure progress
8) Advani cannot be equated with Vajpayee's stature
9) RJD has 24 MPs but we have never asked for any favours
10) Manmohan and Sonia never indulged in any foul play
11) We are winning with a thumping majority
- Chandrababu Naidu meets Deve Gowda again
- All 11 BJD MPs to vote against UPA
- MNF MP Vanlalzamwa to abstain
- Look at our energy usage as an opportunity: Rahul
- Priyanka Gandhi: We are confident of winning the trust vote
- Jayanthi Natarajan: We are confident of winning
- We have already expelled Atiq Ahmed: Amar Singh
- Somabhai Patel says he will vote for UPA
- UPA crosses halfway mark in trust vote
- Our 36 MPs will vote in favour of govt: Amar Singh
- Diler likely to abstain from trust vote
- Abdul Rashid Ahmed says he will vote against UPA
- Lok sabha adjourned till 2pm.
- I am not speaking as a member of the political party, but as a common man: Rahul Gandhi
Rahul's words for the Nuclear deal: Energy security necessary to alleviate poverty. We have to create energy security for future growth. Poverty is directly connected to energy security. Energy is responsible for 9% growth.

Trust vote to begin around 6pm today.
- Mayawati: By Tuesday evening the government will be gone.
- BJP MP from Gujarat Somabhai Patel says he will vote for UPA government.
BJP MP Archana Naik: Congress tried to buy me. BJP's Archana Naik says all the 11 BJD MPs to vote against the government.
- Speaker grants leave to 6 MPs from voting. Most of them are believed to be from NDA.
- Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee revealed to reporters that he would be in the post till the completion of the trust vote this evening. 'Did I say month and year,' he shot back when reporters asked him about a reported statement of his that he would be in office till July 22.
- Indian bookmakers believe the UPA government will hold on to power in today's confidence vote in parliament, media reports. They are offering a return of only 50 rupees on a 100 rupee stake on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's government surviving. Defeat brings a profit of 175 rupees on the same stake.
- Sensex rose more than 2 per cent, led by HDFC Bank and Reliance Industries, on expectation the government would win a confidence vote in parliament in the evening.
- FM on Nuclear deal: We have been transparent on N-deal, all texts available. India should end nuclear isolation. India signed nuke agreement with Russia and France.
- Finance Minister P Chidambaram assures that economy is on the right track.
Food grain production on a record in 2007-2008: Chidambaram
- Lalu Prasad told reporters: The UPA enjoys the support of unlimited MPs.
- The lone Mizo National Front MP in the Lok Sabha Vanlalzawma would abstain in the trust vote in the Lok Sabha. The MP said that he would be attending the proceedings of the Lok Sabha throughout the day but press the yellow button, to mark his absence from voting. An MNF leader had said on Monday Congress was the main rival of the ruling party in Mizoram and it would not like to support the Congress-led UPA in the Parliament.
- Amar Singh: Our 36 MPs will vote in favour of Government.
6 SP Mps kidnapped by BSP, says Amar Singh
- Prime Minister Manmohan Singh reaches parliament, says UPA will win trust vote.
- Telegu Desam Party Chief N Chandrababu Naidu met BSP supremo Mayawati today to discuss the future strategy of their political alliance. During the day, Naidu also met CPI(M) general secretary Praksh Karat at the party headquarters and then even caught up briefly with CPI leader A B Bardhan.
- The UPA government had to seek confidence vote in the light of Left withdrawing support over UPA governments' landmark nuclear energy deal with the United States.
- The Congress-led government needs to secure 272 votes if every lawmaker votes - to win the confidence motion and implement any economic reforms. If the government loses, the nuclear pact between New Delhi and Washington will likely be finished, and early elections will probably be called for later this year.
- Determined to ensure the win in parliament, Manmohan Singh and top officials of Congress Party have reassured the support of allies, wooed rebellious members back into the party. Also the people could witness some interesting deals like renaming an airport for a lawmaker's father, promising a high-level job to another, and two rival politicians allege handing out millions of dollars to others.

Govt, rivals wage war of words

While Leader of the Opposition L K Advani held the prime minister singularly responsible for the political crisis, Congress leader and External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee put up a passionate defence of the Indo-US nuclear deal.
An apparently confident UPA took on Opposition BJP and former allies Left parties on Monday as the countdown for the trust vote in the Lok Sabha entered a crucial phase with the ruling coalition claiming that they have the support of 276 MPs, clearly crossing the majority mark. While Leader of the Opposition L K Advani held the prime minister “singularly responsible” for the political crisis, Congress leader and External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee put up a passionate defence of the Indo-US nuclear deal.

Chaired by Speaker Somnath Chatterjee, who belied all apprehensions of resigning on Monday before the introduction of the confidence motion, the debate went on smoothly barring a 15-minute adjournment in the post-lunch session following fracas between SP and BSP members.Moving a one-line motion that “this House expresses its confidence in the Council of Ministers”, the 75-year-old prime minister told a packed House that “every single decision” taken by his government in the last four years was in the “best interests of our people and our country”. PM pats Surjeet, BasuTrying to steal the show from his Left critics, Dr Singh heaped praise on veteran Marxist leaders Harkishan Singh Surjeet and Jyoti Basu for their “sagacity” and “leadership” for helping set up the coalition government.Moving the motion, he said for the past couple of decades the country was used to governments being forced to seek a vote of confidence within months of coming to power. “I regret that this session of Parliament has been convened when the attention of the government has been on the economy, particularly on the control of inflation and on implementing programmes for the welfare of our people, particularly our farmers. This exercise, I submit sir, was wholly avoidable,” he said. “I assure the House and the country that every single decision, every policy initiative we have taken was in the fullest confidence that we are doing so in the best interests of our people and our country,” the prime minister said to the thumping of desks by UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi. Advani held that the nuclear deal has become an agreement between two individuals, making India “subservient” and a “junior partner”. “The UPA is like a patient in the ICU room. The first question everyone asks is whether he (patient) is going to survive or not,” he said opposing the confidence motion. Advani’s comments that Singh had opposed Pokhran II nuclear tests in 1998 drew a sharp response from the prime minister, who said he had spoken only about opposition to the sanctions that followed the explosions and how the country should be prepared to face the challenges. The BJP leader also said that if people vote the NDA back to power, they would renegotiate the deal to make it more equal and ensure that there “are no constraints on our strategic autonomy”.CPM leader Mohammad Salim accused the UPA of “outsourcing the diplomatic processes to the US” in fulfilling their loyalty to President George Bush. Countering Advani’s remarks that the UPA government has been reduced to a minority, Mukherjee said UPA’s combined strength of 237 with the Samajwadi Party’s 39 added upto 276. With the Lok Sabha having an effective strength of 541, the ruling coalition enjoyed a simple majority, he said. An emotional Mukherjee, who has been UPA’s pointsman for talks with Left parties on the nuclear deal, asked his former allies to “touch their heart” and asked, “Is this an issue (nuke deal) that you (Left) are bringing down the government?”
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