Monday, December 22, 2008

Ghajini's climax leaked

Just when the audiences started queuing up for booking their tickets for Aamir Khan-starrer Ghajini, a chain SMS started playing spoilsport by revealing what could possibly be the climax of the film.

"Someone killed Aamir's girlfriend and he lost his memory. Then he tries to find out the killer. Suspense... Aamir himself is the killer. Now enjoy Ghajini!" says the SMS that has been doing the rounds on the mobile phones for the past few days.

Whether the SMS is true or not would only be clear once the film releases on Thursday. However, several people have received this SMS through known as well as unknown sources.

Says 22-year-old Surbhi Pant: "I received this SMS a few days back. I was very irritated after reading it because I wanted to watch the film. Now I don't know if it is true or not. Just in case this is the story of the film, I would be really disappointed, as I know the plot now. Eventually, I thought I should forward it to all my friends."

The film is the much-hyped Hindi remake of director A R Murugadoss' Tamil hit with the same name. While the original Ghajini featured southern actor Surya Sivakumar along with actress Asin Thottumkal, Murugadoss cast Aamir to play the main lead in the Hindi version and repeats Asin in female lead.

Ghajini is the love story of a rich businessman Sanjay Singhania (Aamir) and a model Kalpana (Asin). The story takes a U-turn when Kalpana is murdered and Sanjay suffers temporary amnesia due to a brain injury. Sanjay's character sets out to take revenge from those responsible for Kalpana's death.

While in the Tamil version of Ghajini, Sanjay finds the murderer and completes his revenge by killing him; the ending has been altered in the Hindi version

Tata Motors to inject “tens of millions” of pounds into Jaguar

After my last time posting on Tumblr page about the just new F1 deal .According to the reports, Tata Motors, the owner of Jaguar Land Rover, is to inject “tens of millions” of pounds into the British carmaker. tata-motor-300x202 Tata Motors to inject tens of millions of pounds into Jaguar

This imbursement of cash into the company, by the Indian owner is expected to give more time to the UK government to think and decide whether it should use public money to bail-out the company.Mandelson had cast doubt on a bail-out, saying the state was a “lender of last resort”.

The head of corporate communications for Tata, Debasis Ray did not not deny the report but would not say how much money would be injected.

“It is our company and we are running a business,” he said.

“Discussions with the government, however, are confidential and cannot be revealed. We have to run the company and are doing so to the best of our abilities”, he added.

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