Saturday, October 25, 2008

Raped nun press conferance in NewDelhi

Yesterday i enjoy a very beautiful evening , one of india's veteran politician who self claimes as a "responsible leader"- say :"Nun is not raped, -this is an allegation not proved"-{mr.Singhal ,of BJP to TIMES NOW<
The chatter inside the packed room swiftly made way to pin-drop silence as Sister Mina Lata Barwa entered. The nun, who was raped and paraded naked during the Kandhamal communal violence in Orissa on August 25, came out in the open for the first time here on Friday.
She appeared covering most of her face with a scarf and read out her hand-written statement that ran into four pages, often with a choked voice. She narrated the trauma she had gone through, even as the constant camera flashes threatened to drown her voice, and asked for a CBI probe into the incident.
She went on to narrate her tale of woes. She said she was taking shelter in the house of a Hindu when the mob of 40 to 50 chased her. “They pulled out my saree and one of them stepped on my right hand and another on my left and then a third person raped me,” she recalled.
Even as she gathered herself to get away, another mob came and stripped her again and paraded her naked to the market half-a-kilometre away. “A dozen policemen were there. I went to them asking to protect me and I sat in between two policemen but they didn’t move,” she said. “I filed the FIR, but I was not given a copy of it,” she complained.
The police also did not accompany her up to Bhubaneswar.
She explained how she lost her faith in the police: “The state police failed to protect me from the attackers. They were friendly with the attackers and they tried their best that I did not register an FIR. They didn’t take down my statement as I narrated in detail and they abandoned me half the way.”
“I was raped and now I don’t want to be victimised by the Orissa police. I want a CBI inquiry,” she said.After that, she left the venue immediately.
John Dayal, member of National Integration Council, asked: “If you could set up a CBI inquiry in Arushi and Jessica Lall cases, why not for this?

Gilchrist told Sachin: "Bad Sport"

Batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar has attempted to defuse the tension between the Indian and Australian cricket teams over the reported remarks by the former stumper Adam Gilchrist, by stating that the retired player had called him on the phone to clarify his position. Tendulkar was quoted by a television channel as stating that Gilchrist had called him to clarify that remarks attributed to be a part of his autobiography "True Colors" were taken out of context and reported. "Gilchrist called me up and clarifed the whole matter," Sachin told Times Now Television from Pune while reiterating that his comments were taken out of proportion. The Australian stumper, who questioned Sachin's role in the Monkeygate scam involving Andrew Symonds and Harbhajan Singh, came out with a clarification last evening after angry remarks from the cricket establishment in India. Gilchrist said that he would come out with a statement clarifying his position on the matter that incidentally was pooh-poohed away by members of the touring Aussie team in India with Shane Watson telling CNN-IBN that the former stumper's views were his own and had no bearing on the ongoing tour or cricketing relations between the two teams.
This article was originally composed by Network18 Group & republish/reblogged with an e-mail permission from TV18's Sports Editor Gaurav Kala. All copyrights must be belongs to TV18Group. All rights reserved. For the mother script click<>
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