Friday, July 25, 2008

7 blast Bangalore :-low intensity blast to create fear.

Blame game has already begun to hide the intelligence's failures that lead to blasts in Bangalore.Strongly condemning the serial blasts in Bangalore, BJP president Rajnath Singh blamed the Centre for its lackadaisical attitude towards terrorism. Asking the Centre to display its firm resolve in fighting terrorism, Mr Sign said the Centre had a tendency to dismiss terrorist activities as a mere law and order problem, for wcich the common man was paying a heavy price. BJP also criticised Centre for not providing adequate security to the City.
The Centre must come out with an elaborate and integrated action plan to deal with terrorism in the country and the BJP would offer all its support to the Government in fighting the menace, he added. Meanwhile, Congress criticised the BJP for blaming the blasts on the soft attitude of the Centre towards terror and its perpetrators.'It's very unfortunate that the BJP was playing politics in this hour of crisis,'' he said and added that law and order was a state subject. He said Congress was not soft on terror and cited the case of Jammu and Kashmir where '' the number of militant attacks had dramatically declined.''Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Sriprakash Jaiswal said that the Centre had forewarned the Karnataka government about Bangalore being possible terrorist targets."The Intelligence Bureau had received inputs that terrorists could target the cybercity Bangalore. The state government was told to be on high alert," he said. Jaiswal said the main aim of the serial blasts in Bangalore was to "spread terror."Home Minister of Karnataka, V S Acharya denied that there was an intelligence failure and said that the police had been on an alert. He also criticised the union goverment for not providing adequate security to Bangalore.Communist Party of India( Marxist) in a statement, said, " It is a matter of deep concern that the Central governmment has so far failed to uncover the network behind these nefarious activities," the party said. It also demanded the intelligence and security agencies to track down culprits responsible for the terror act.

Where & When?

First blast: 1.20 pm, Madiwala bus depot

Second blast: 1.25 pm, Mysore road

Third blast: 1.40 pm, Adugudi

Fourth blast: 2.10 pm, Koramangla

Fifth blast: 2.25 pm, Vittal Mallaya road

Sixth blast: 2.35 pm, Langford Town

Seventh blast: Richmond Town
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