Saturday, July 19, 2008

Again Indian Journalist attacked

Ahmadabad: Gujarat have a very long controversial history for attacking "Media" ,i.e~ "to destroy the freedom of speech"- the gospel starts from the attacking press office for enlisting the name of M.F.Hussain in Bharat Ratna list , to the harassing of student of MS Vadora University for the exhibition of arts like naked Hindu Gods. Most recently TOI's Gujarat resident editor Mr.Desai wrote a "nexus between under world & the present DIG of Gandhinagar & then an FIR also lodged against Times of India. This was followed by the allegation against well knowen writer Aashis Nandy . And finally yesterday's attack on press by Asaram Bapu 's(a self declared God man) mobs to erase the fire against the asaram's two boy found dead on street. The media rally to protest the attack on journalists by supporters of religious guru Asaram Bapu was today stopped by police and several among them were detained.More than 100 journalists took out a protest rally from Sabarmati police station to Asaram Ashram. They were carrying placards condemning the attack on media persons yesterday during the shutdown in the city over the mysterious death of two boys studying in an Asaram-run school.When they reached near the ashram they were stopped by the police and detained. The journalists were then taken to the Sabarmati police station.Various journalists, covering the 'bandh' called by local residents, were beaten up by Asaram Bapu's supporters, who attacked them with sticks and also damaged their equipment like television camaras and outdoor broadcast vans."Supporters of the Bapu came out with sticks and attacked the media persons. I was also hurt in the attack," Gopi Ghangar, a correspondent of Hindi news channel ‘Aaj Tak', had said yesterday.The bodies of the two cousins, Abhishek (11) and Dipesh Vaghela (10), were found on July 5 on the banks of Sabarmati river near the Ashram.Their family members have alleged that the two were murdered. Police have not been able to make any headway in the investigation, causing anger among the locals.
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