Saturday, July 5, 2008

Is India under a threat of Islamisation?

A few days back, along with one of my friend and national convener of new emerging political formation Yuwa Dal (Youth party)Vinay Kumar Singh, I visited Diamond Harbour jail in West Bengal situated some hundred plus miles away from a holy Hindu pilgrim place called Gangasagar. The occasion and motive of our visit was obvious as we had to meet the leader of Hindu Samhati Tapan Ghosh who had been put behind bars under some non-bailable offence after a communally charged Muslim mob attacked workshop of Hindu Smahati on 12th of June in Gangasagar. Our visit has journalistic motivation rather than anything political. After this attack a lot of versions came out in various articles in several websites but this incident had no coverage in the so-called mainstream media. After visiting West Bengal and meeting with workers of Hindu Samhati, along with jail officials and local journalist, it was quite clear why this incident did not have any coverage in the mainstream media. First it was a very normal incident which happened and in some way it was below normal because it had no causality. According to people of that state, which has been ruled by communists for decades, and decades with its identity of political blood shed rather than normal development or industrialization, all witness attacks on political opponents of communists on a regular basis? Because of zero causality in the incident of 12 June in no way was this news for newspapers in West Bengal. So called national media or mainstream media refrained from giving coverage to this incident for fear of antagonizing the establishment and government in centre, if they had to take cognizance of this incident they would have to recognize the feud between Hindus and Muslims which aggravates the debate on communal status of the state. So the mainstream media adopted the middle path not to engage itself in the debate of the relationships between Hindus and Muslims in West Bengal. But thanks to evolution of alternate media in the form of several websites and groups on various domains have ignited this debate and exchanged information between them. When we visited West Bengal and met various organizations and people we were able to realize the gravity of the situation and meaning behind this incident. Motivation and provocation of this incident had been described in various articles and I am in no mood to repeat those things. But some sensational facts which we gathered here certainly have some indications for the future relations of Hindus and Muslims in India. Gangasagar is a holy pilgrimage for Hindus and around this place one Islamist mafia, Ismail Sheikh, has full control in the area, earning millions of rupees, of the water supply and distributing the water to neighboring villages. But in return this Islamist figure has no respect for Hindu sentiments as he instigates other Muslims to sell beef openly in pilgrimage area knowing well that Hindus keeps high regard for cows as they find it sacred in their religion. In various pilgrimage areas in India selling beef is prohibited but in this particular place Muslims breach this norm only to tease Hindus as well showing their monopoly in those areas. Islamist figure, Ismail Sheikh, with the help of a local communist leader, SukhRam Panda, stimulated the attack on Hindus who were participating in a workshop. It was the first naked attack on Hindus with nexus of red and green or you say it nexus of communists and Islamists. The story did not end here. When we visited Daimaond Harbour jail we were shocked to some new facts for which we were not ready. A Hindu who was earlier in that particular jail for one month told us a few things which were no less than shocking. In Daimond Harbour jail there is a cell no.7 which has exclusively Muslim prisoners. That cell has been converted into an Islamic cell. All the prisoners have circled some area of the floor of that cell with blankets and call that area "Blanket Mosque". Nobody has any objection to any prisoner if he prays according to his faith in prison but all the kafirs has been prohibited from the use of the bath room or toilet of that so-called Blanket Mosque area so that not only kafirs are being prohibited from its use, they are being forced to use their right hand to wash the toilet or cleanse themselves which is barred according to Hindu religion as Hindus are being allowed only to use their left hand for toilet cleansing. These incidents were shocking only because they indicate something and which has some bigger meanings. Muslims in India are not ready to respect the sentiments of Hindus and peace is possible with them on only one condition that Hindus should become submissive and submit themselves to Islamic faith. When we were on this visit of West Bengal, Kashmir boiled on the issue of another Hindu pilgrimage issue. A holy and prestigious pilgrimage place situated in Kashmir and related to one of prominent Hindu deity "Shiva" called Amarnath, another name of Shiva, came under the fire of Islamist forces. All this fuss started when the regulatory body of Amarnath Pilgrimage Amarnath shrine board was allotted 40 hectare land in Kashmir to construct some temporary residential places in form of camps for pilgrims. In year 2000 the government of J&K at that time headed by a national conference formed Amarnath Shrine Board which is responsible for the governor of the state not government which later took over the responsibility of management of the pilgrimage which now lasts for two months. When outgoing governor of J&K general S.K. Sinha allotted this forest land to shrine board some separatist groups and Islamist groups objected to this allotment as it would disturb eco-atmosphere of the valley. When CEO of shrine board Arun Kumar countered this argument with Hindu pollution vs Muslim pollution and made allegations that in Dull lake of valley, Muslims are already habited and eco-system is getting affected so how Hindus pilgrims could not be allowed to habitat in temporary camps during their pilgrimage. This statement came under fire and separatist and pro-Pakistani groups as Hurriyat conference and other political parties in Kashmir, which have sympathy for Pakistan as per example, PDP tried to vitiate the communal atmosphere of the valley with provocative statements that the government is trying to habitat Hindus in valley to disturb the demography of state. This statement exposes these groups and put big question mark on their crocodile tears for Kashmiri Hindus who have been systematically annihilated from the valley to pave the way for Islamisation of the valley. From time to time these organizations claim that they are very much supportive of the idea that Kashmiri Hindus should return to the valley as Kashmir has a different culture of Kashmiriyat but these sponsored protests against Hindu pilgrimage tells the story in itself about their deception and motive. India is a Hindu majority state but Muslims have been given equal status here even in application of their sharia law where they are being given full freedom in the name of personal law and they don't follow the law of the land and challenge Supreme court of India not to dare interfere in their matters as divorce, marriage, polygamy, adaptation etc. Their waqf boards have full autonomy; these institutions are out of the purview of the law of the land. Their pilgrimage of Haj has been awarded with state subsidy but these Muslims don't respect Hindu sentiments. In one of the TV channels, in discussion with this controversial leader of JKLF and former terrorist Yasseen Malik given byte that our objection is for management of this pilgrimage. According to this terrorist leader who was once named a terrorist in 1980's in valley for Hindus and main figure to compel Hindus to leave the valley, told the news channel that Amarnath shrine board had tradition for last sixty years to have management of this pilgrimage in hands of Muslims and get some amount of royalty from this pilgrimage which ultimately culminates in employment of hundreds and thousands of youths. At the same time if Yaseen Malik would have been asked if he has allowed Hindus to get management of Ajamer Shrif in Rajsthan, or management of WAQF board or Haj pilgrimage their answers is obviously a big no. Then why should the management of Hindu pilgrims be placed in Muslim hands? Only because they have mentality of Islamism and Islamic supremacy. Our visit of West Bengal has experienced us that this state is under threat of Communists-Islamist take over with the threat of Islamisation of India. This is not the story of West Bengal alone. Along with border areas of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal nexus of Maoists and Islamists building huge infrastructure to take over India with design of Islamism and Maoism. West Bengal is flooded with Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators as earlier they were welcomed by communists as their potential vote bank and later on they are most vulnerable to Islamist recruitment. Border areas of India along with Bangladesh with border areas of states of Bihar, West Bengal and Assam has become potential threat for national security as demography of some districts has changed so miraculously with growth of more than 100 or 200%. On the one hand Bangladeshi infiltrators has been welcomed by political parties in West Bengal and Assam with garland in their hands and the other hand more than 10 million Hindus in these two states still struggling for their status as citizens of India. Hindus have only one state in the form of India which they claim as their homeland but in their own home they are being disowned because of their Hindu identity. Now if you visit India you would come to know Hindus are under seize, they are afraid, they are on the verge of another partition of their motherland in the name of religion. All this is happening due to Muslim appeasement and wrong interpretation of secularism which has become synonymous to Muslim appeasement. Threat of Islamisation of India has some implications for the world as well as India. India is the only democracy with pluralistic views between Tel Aviv to New Delhi. If this nation also comes under Islamic rule or disintegrates into another state on religious grounds there would be no hope of democracy and free world in this world. Threat of Islamisation of India is not only a threat to India it is a threat for the civilized world as well. Need of the hour is to bring all civilized people and nations under one umbrella to fight against Islamisation of this world which has become the gravest threat for the civilized world in modern history after down fall of communism and fascism.
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