Friday, July 4, 2008

Movie Review :"LOVE STORY 2050

I generally don't blog movie review ~ unless or until I'm satisfied by both -enjoying the particular cinema in my Friday multiplex schedule & simultaneously by turning around those movie review ,I click weekly [ More or less I read those movie review which are either written by Tom of BBC or Anupama (wife of VidhuVinod Chopra ) or even Khalid of HT.
Harman Baweja’s sci-fi love story is nothing but an over-priced endeavour of the director-father Harry Baweja to ‘creatively’ launch his son. The much hyped Harman-Priyanka ‘Love Story 2050’ comes as a silly and expensive excuse to find a new ‘Hrithik Roshan’ in the debutante. What makes the film a failure is weak storyline and some ‘pathetically funny’ special effects. The film could still be considered as an entertainer for kids, but with those flying cars and robot overdose, ‘Love Story 2050’, begins to look nothing more than a video game. The story revolves around Karan Oberoi (Harman), the only son of well-known businessman Mr Oberoi (Dalip Tahil). Karan is not happy with his money-oriented emotionless father, who is more bothered about his business than his only son. Karan doesn’t fear to play with danger, as he believes that this would bring no loss to anyone. In middle of the story, Karan meets Sana (Priyanka Chorpa) and what else, it’s love at first sight for the couple. There they decide on their marriage, and here comes the twist. Sana ‘dies’ in an accident, leaving Karan all alone. Then enters Karan’s uncle, Dr Yatinder Khanna (Boman Irani), who happens to be a scientist by profession. Dr Khanna has been working on a time machine for last fifteen years, to accomplish his dream project of venturing into the ‘futuristic world’. Karan meets Khanna and recalls Sana’s dream to enter the year 2050. He somehow believes that he would find Sana in ‘2050’ and with the help of the time machine, he enters the year 2050. Karan meets Sana, who is now the best rock-star of the world, living in Mumbai and is named as Zaisha. And then, Karan tries, tries, and keeps trying, till he succeeds in getting his love, Sana alias Zaisha, back to the present with the help of QUTY and BOO, two robotic dolls taking care of Zaisha. The Harman-Priyanka ‘jodi’ could not live up to the expectations. Though Harman has acted quite well, but Priyanka’s character lacks ‘sense’. The story s**** big time, but Harman has managed to live up to comparisons with Hrithik and has proved his talent to the world. The actor sure seems to be blessed with great acting skills, as it is just not easy for anybody to emulate Hrithik with such brilliance. Be it acting, dance, emotions or diction, Harman has performed all of it well, but you can’t stop yourself from tagging him as another ‘Hrithik in the making’. Harman does have the talent to make it big in Bollywood, and we do believe that the industry can still accommodate many more Hrithiks!
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