Monday, July 21, 2008

PM moves confidence motion in LS

We have been forced to move the confidence motion when the Government is focusing on containing inflation, Dr. Manmohan Singh told parliament
Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on Monday moved the confidence motion in the Lok Sabha and expressed the hope that the people of the country would repose their faith in the Government.
The trust vote was wholly avoidable, Dr. Singh said. "We have been forced to move the confidence motion when the Government is focusing on containing inflation," he said. The Prime Minister said he had planned to keep the Lok Sabha informed about talks on the nuclear energy agreement with the US.
"If the Government had been allowed to complete negotiations with the IAEA and NSG, I would myself have come to parliament to seek its guidance beforeoperationalising the nuclear agreement," he said.
The Government would consult the parliament before operationalising the Indo-US civil nuclear deal, Dr. Singh said, adding that all initiatives of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) have been in the interest of the country.
BJP's L.K. Advani, leader of the opposition, opened the debate on the confidence motion, saying that the Government has been reduced to a minority after the Left parties withdrew support over differences on the nuclear deal. The Government is paralyzed and is only talking of the nuclear deal with the US, he said.
Advani also said that he was not against maintaining good relations with the US nor was he opposed to the nuclear deal. But, he added that the NDA would re-negotiate the nuclear agreement with the US if it came to power.
The Lok Sabha will debate on the "Trust Vote" for two days. The vote will take place tomorrow. A total of 12 hours has been allotted for discussion on the Trust Vote spread over two days, according to Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee.
Meanwhile, the BJP demanded that the special session be extended by one more day to debate the confidence motion. The demand was raised by BJP leader V. K. Malhotra at a meeting of floor leaders convened by Chatterjee.
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