Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Last minute of US Election

Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama is more popular than his Republican rival John McCain among the younger generations of Americans, a new poll has found. The poll, conducted by CBS News, The Chronicle of Higher Education and UWire ahead of November 4 elections, said in a generally believed conservative campus of Miami University at Oxford, Ohio, 59 per cent of the students planning to vote, are supporting Obama against 37 per cent to McCain.
Further it is being pointed out that of the 25,000 students polled at four-year colleges and universities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Colorado, more than 60 per cent preferred Obama to McCain.
In fact The Miami Student, the campus newspaper, has endorsed Obama by a majority decision of the editorial board stressing the candidate's strengths on a number of domestic and foreign policy issues.
"... This election will occur as America continues to find itself in the middle of two state-building exercises and a global war on terror.While this board has some reservations, Obama has the chance to move beyond a black-and- white view on international issues and place the US in a position to regain the role of world leader," the paper said.
"There is also hope that Obama will allow us to end our involvement in Iraq and move toward a more negotiation-led foreign policy," it said.
"Sen. Joe Biden's... experience in foreign matters is also a strong boon to the Obama ticket and will hopefully balance out concerns about Obama's rhetoric on issues like Russia and Pakistan," it added.
Students at the Miami of Ohio, for instance, have said that the economy was the most important issue of the campaign, followed by foreign policy, healthcare, environmental and energy policies and finally education.

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