Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What will be Obama's top most priority?

What i think Obama should do immediately after taking presidential oath.
Priorities, but not in any particular order:

1. Stop and reverse global climate change - he can appoint Al Gore, who singlehandedly created the internet, as Czar of the Climate Change Commission (the new CCC), and Big Al can use CNN’s new holographic teleporter to appear anywhere on Earth, at any time, in an environmentally-friendly way, and guide us misguided masses into ecologically-conservative modes. Al will agree to take the post for $1 a year, as long as he’s granted green exchange credits for his personal consumption.

2. Stabilize the world’s financial markets - he can appoint Alan Greenspan or Paul Voelker as Secretary of the Treasury and head of the Federal Reserve Bank (they can share and rotate monthly into and out of these positions), and they can lead a bloodless, cashless coup of the IMF and the World Bank, canceling the US’s debt to China, and mandating the US dollar as the world’s only currency.

3. Stabilize the world’s current conflicts - he can appoint Colin Powell as Secretary of State who, with the assistance of Jimmy Carter, will appease all of the world’s despots with offers of compromise and free trade.

4. Stabilize domestic issues - he can appoint Bill Clinton as the new Czar of the We the People Administration (the new WPA), where Bill can work tirelessly to see that collegiate volunteer interns are appropriately positioned

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