Sunday, December 14, 2008

We all fight Terrorism

Citizens cry " Enough is Enough"- Do we see any solution?-

The drastic increase in the frequency of terror strikes we witness in our country of late, its spread across the country, the type of targets chosen, the innumerable innocent lives lost, and the audacity and determination of the terrorists to prove their one upmanship in this game, have hit at the very root of people’s confidence and patience, and has culminated in a state of anger in their minds... While every time a terror strike takes place , people’s spirit has got the better of fear and grief, and the life has sprung back to normal in the shortest time. But the latest terrorist strike at Mumbai has really put off the grit in the minds of people and they remain totally shaken. The entire country remains shell shocked and at their wits end and is demanding an end to these types of manmade tragedies. A total lack of security is felt by the people of India.
Clearly the latest attack is very different from the one we have experienced all along though the damages by way of loss of life and to property in earlier cases have been in no way less. But the fact that these terrorists have adopted a novel method to attack coming through the sea route, and the way about 10 of them could hold on and engage for 60 hours the commando forces and strike at will the iconic structures and fell innocent people in cold blood is something that we are not able to digest. Even when our Parliament was attacked, the damage to property and life was not to this extent, though it was a hit at the very root of the revered Institution of Democracy .

How is it that the Terrorists are able to repeat the attacks ; rather increase its frequency at will, make a spread across the country is something we are to ponder about. Every time when an attack takes place India takes a knee-jerk decision to point out at Pakistan. While Pakistan is not a holy cow , the fact is often overlooked that it does get a good infrastructural support from organizations and locals from within the country as is being proved by the facts being brought to light , through the investigations that are following. The Malegoan blasts are now appearing to be the acts of extremist Hindu organizations and not Muslim organizations..
Every time intelligence failure is attributed as a cause. But in the latest incident , all intelligence information seem to have been made available to various connected agencies and which are quite a few. It is the lackadaisical approach of these agencies, to take serious cognizance and to ACT , that has lead to this tragedy. We are experts in passing the buck. In spite of the fact that we have agencies such as Raw, Navy, costal guard, customs, rapid action forces, Commando force, police etc the terrorists made a safe landing and moved about freely and mowed down people at will in cold blood. It is a pity that even when these private posh hotels were cautioned the security was thrown to winds�\"Even Ratan Tata himself seem to have been cautioned of the possible attack to the Taj.Hotel !!

Now Government thinks of having a central agency FIA similar to FBI of USA.. The 9 hours delay for moving commando forces have opened the eyes of Government to station the forces at all Metropolitan cities �\" a very late realization indeed. Many a precious lives could have been saved if only these forces were to be deployed without delay. No excuse can be given on these lapses on the part of the Government. Debates are going on as to whether to reintroduce POTA. Or should states have their own special acts as is prevailing in Maharashtra. When Gujarat sought for such an act ,permission was not granted. Clearly, A total lack of security is felt by the people of India. It should be noted that more the agencies ,more diluted is the accountability. Every one stands on the principle of his jurisdiction and passes on the buck to the other.. It is like a joke I read recently. A thief was chased by the police. Suddenly the police stopped at some point.. . When asked, they said the thief had crossed their jurisdiction and it is for the police of the next area to chase and catch him!!! So much for the sharing of responsibility!!. It was a little painful when we heard the chief of Naval staff , when he said that they were not given an “Actionable evidence”. Sounds strange!!.So no amount of agencies are going to help unless there is a “WILL” to act. The attitude of “ chalega �\"dekha- jayega” cannot be tolerated. . So the need of the hour is an immediate action point in constituting an independent Central Agency exclusively for Terrorism related activities arising from both internal and external sources ; free from political interference and control, to which all these security agencies have to be made answerable. This agency should have absolute power to give orders and see the various agencies implement actions even is they are not under direct administrative control. In other words even if police is a state subject, once the central agency cautions of a possible attack, it is for the police to take precautionary action and report to the central agency the action taken. The operating mechanism has to be made foolproof.

To day our country stands quite at the cross roads weakened by internal problems arising out of communalism, regional parochialism, political opportunism, spread of Maoist ,Naxalite attacks, all tending to pull our country apart. The recent attacks on Christians in Orissa,Karnataka,Tamilnadu etc and the terrorism unleashed by MNS leader Raj Thakrey,on northIndians, are testimony to these acts of brute realities. Political parties and unscrupulous Politicians are to be blamed for the divisive politics they play hitting at the very moral fabric of the country. They very well understand the dangers involved by this , but they have no conscience and are interested in meeting their narrow ends only. See the irony. When people have to stand united, the way Mr Narayan Rane is making irresponsible statements and threatening to overturn the newly formed government in Maharashtra at the earliest opportunity is indeed unfortunate!! The communal divide if flares up can engulf the whole country and the damage it can cause cannot be described in words. In fact it is the very thing our neighboring country, and the terrorists are harboring in their minds and want to happen, hitting at the very root of our country’s progress. So need of the hour is absolute harmony across the all strata of societies and we can ill afford to engage ourselves in narrow politics and other senseless bickerings.

While it may appear out of context to the situation or the topic, the need for a complete overhaul of our political system and set up and electoral set up cannot be underestimated.
In our country Coalition form of Government has come to stay. But it is doing more harm than good. But is coalition politics based on any common programme or values able to function in our country?. Coalition is a pre-election marriage to defeat the opposite party. The moment ministry has to be formed, relationship start souring among coalition partners in the name of ministerial posts. It is the smaller and insignificant parties that call the shots. How to make the coalition stick and effectively perform? ( Abdul Kalam was after all right when he once remarked that we should have a two party system. Hell broke out then as to how can he say that.) ----------“

It is a pity that many of our politicians in Parliament or Legislative assemblies have dubious background. Many of the scams that we see have proved this. Even a straight forward Prime minister had to seek the support of none other than Shibu Soren (of JMM,) whose background everyone knows. In the name of supporting the Government in the nuclear deal, he was interested only in his pound of flesh and PM had to yield. I wonder whether in any advanced countries or countries of reckoning such people’s representatives having charge sheets, murder , rape,and human trafficking charges, are chosen at all ?. What is the role of Election commission? Can’t such powerful institution nip in the bud such history sheeters from standing for elections? How can Election Commission after giving tickets to such persons leave the responsibility to the public to chose the right candidates, when the choice is between rouges and scoundrels? Let us not bring in the law and say that these candidates are innocent unless proved guilty. Every body knows the truth. With just six months for the Lok sabha Elections, in the present situation of bankruptsy in the political value system the following questions need to be addressed.

1-A total overhauling of our electoral formats. How to avoid /totally stop ,shady characters and politicians with dubious background from competing in the election? How to make Election commission , do this screening so that common man is not left with this task. How does Election commission point to us of our sacred duty “to know and vote” for right candidates when they themselves are not able to stop giving tickets to persons with such dubious character.
2 - Make the law ,to ensure crossing of floors is banned totally.( Pl do not bring in to picture the so called democratic rights) . In the name of democratic rights does the common citizen -get any thing.?)

3- How to prevent small and petty parties mushrooming in India at the drop of a hat?-

Now I ask this general question which I have posed to all those seeking feedback. I really wonder whether any of the feedback and views expressed by public is taken note of and acted upon. Asking views for the sake of asking will be of no use. I would be happy if any response from your side could come on my suggestions to improve our Electoral system and governance, and if people like you can bring about a change. In USA it was “ YES WE CAN”. In India I ask “CAN WE?”

I wonder at times whether we are a matured nation suited for democracy? With the happenings as days go by, we are fast approaching a point of no return and chaos will be the order of the day.

My heart bleeds for our country. May God save the country.

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